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Paris: Pigeon poop and drama at the brasserie

First day in Paris. Well, technically, it’s our second day. But we spent yesterday, after landing an hour early at CDG, stumbling around and trying to stay awake. I nearly plunged to my death outside the door of our flat, where the stairs start about three inches from the door.  But we managed to stay alive and even feed ourselves. Steve and I took a three-hour nap in the middle […]

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Door to door

We’d just finished Bini’s homework (Write the words “brown, black and blue. What is different with these words?”) when the doorbell rang. Bini and Jones ran for it. I figured it was Timmy and Nora, Bini’s new neighborhood BFFs, so I didn’t hurry to chase after him. Then I heard a deep voice say: “Can you get your mom or dad?” It was Luther Bradley, going door to door to […]

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In the kindergarten line

We have a “walk pool” in our neighborhood, where the parents trade off who walks the kids to school. This morning, it was my turn. I’m not sure if there’s a way to keep three kindergartners from running. If anyone knows any tactics, let me know. This morning, my kid and one of the neighbor kids, who I’ll call Timmy, called out “smush!”  and then took turns ramming each other. […]

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