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What to do with your highly contagious child

Last week, Thanksgiving week, Bini got sick. It started up on Tuesday, when he came home from school looking like he’s been up all night partying with Motley Crue. He fell into bed early and woke up sounding like he had consumption. We didn’t send him to school that day because we’re not completely evil, just somewhat (see No. 1). We didn’t think it was anything more than a standard-issue […]

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A fork in the road

On Monday, my son called me his nanny. He told me that it was my fault that he didn’t live with his birth mom, because I was the one who wanted him. He told me that he was sad all the time– at school, when he’s falling asleep at night. And it was my fault. He told me all of these things in the dark, in his loft bed. We […]

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One from the archives: Ode to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

It’s Dec. 2, and I’ve already felt the wrath of stressed-out Grinches everywhere. In the parking lot today, I got screamed at by a woman for not backing out fast enough. At the grocery store, I veered toward the clementines and earned a snarling “Watch it!” from the guy walking behind me. I get stressed out and snarly too, but around the holidays, I like to be a little kinder […]

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