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Re: Student Share Night, but really, just a bunch of nonsense

Last night was “Student Share Night” at Bini’s school. In my day, we called it open house, but whatever. Bini’s teacher told him he “had” to come, and although we’d planned to, I don’t like being told what to do, which should give you an idea of what kind of student I was. Anyway, there was a frozen-yogurt social afterward (because it’s healthier than ice cream), and I volunteered to […]

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It’s been a year since my best friend died.

It was a year ago today that my beautiful Sophie died. A whole year. I’m another year older, my kid is in kindergarten, I’ve been to Paris. But my Sophie is still gone. It was a gorgeous, early spring day, March 25. Steve and Bini had left, it was preschool day, and I was racing out the door to go somewhere. Steve had fed Sophie; her bowls were downstairs. She […]

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What the hell am I supposed to do with these?

On Friday, Bini came home with four marshmallow creations (one is not pictured here, as it is too large). He laid them out on our kitchen island and said “Look Mommy. What I made.” “Those are awesome, buddy. What are they?” I asked. “They’re marshmallows.” Bini gave me an odd look. “Can I eat them now?” “No. And I know they’re marshmallows. But what was your teacher trying to teach […]

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There’s a ghost in my house

Green chair

Around Halloween last year, Bini decided there was a ghost in the house.┬áBut rather than be afraid of the ghost, he wanted to engage with it. Or rather, he wanted me to engage with it. So, while he hid under a blanket on my lap, I was supposed to talk to it. “What should I say?” I whispered to the lump on my lap. “Tell him about me!” Bini hissed […]

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