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Of bats and dogs, part one

Well, heck. It’s been a rather tumultuous week. I’ve been trying to think of a way to tie it altogether, but I can’t.¬†Hence, two posts. Also, it was getting really long. So, here goes. On Monday, we got a pre-inspection on our house. We’re moving, by the way. Five days before we left for Kauai, we bought another house. Super fun, right? Yeah, I was a basket case. Lots of […]

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The kind of mom I am

We’re in Hawaii this week, on the trip that Steve’s company gives its employees and their families every year. It’s a nice perk, and much more manageable now that Bini’s almost six and can swim like a fish. Our first trip with him was rough¬† — the three of us in one hotel room, coming to terms with our much-diminished freedom and trying to maintain a nap schedule. The trips […]

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