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But you know, things aren’t all bad.

In fact, things are pretty great. Little X (who yes, still lacks an American name) is a true delight, a scrumptious little ice cream scoop of giggles and mischief. Steve and I are completely in love with him. He’s experiencing a lot of things for the first time: pollution-free air, sustained, one-on-one attention, dog kisses, peanut butter.  It’s so cool to watch him explore, and see his face light up. […]

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I have two kids.

We’ve been back a week and three days. I’m sorry to have neglected my blog, but I was in China, and WordPress is apparently blocked (along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google). I kept somewhat decent notes in Word, but I don’t feel like writing about China right now so just BE PATIENT, for the love of God. Right now, I want to write about having two kids. It’s a […]

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One day ’til China: Three bags full

Well, hello. Tomorrow I’m going to China. It’s been a long road to get here, and I’ve written about most of it. I wrote about being unsure about adding to our family, and then, the day that I learned about the Waiting Child program, through which we were matched with our son. Before him, though, there were others that we didn’t say yes to, and those faces are impossible to […]

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Two days ’til China: Stress dreams, speed-shopping and koalas

  I had a really horrible dream last night. I’m fully aware that dream-sharing is annoying, but indulge me. It’s my blog, and you’re reading it, for some reason. I dreamed that when we went to China to meet little X, he was the size of a 9-month-old baby. Which would be fine, except that he’s almost 3. And he started shrinking. It’s hard to tell timetables in dreams, but […]

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Three days ’til China: Packing anxiety, and a life-changing reminder

I was at the North Face store in University Village today, buying a deeply discounted two-in-one coat for China. I have so many coats and jackets, I could start my own store. But I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about what to pack. Like, hours. Steve will find me cruising Zappos, desperately searching for THE RIGHT SHOES that will look OK with leggings and a casual dress, […]

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