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A snob’s guide to surviving the Great Wolf Lodge

If you’ve been following along, you know that Steve and I decided to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge for 25 hours during mid-winter break. Before we left, I polled my friends on Facebook to get some advice. I also got pretty freaked out, because I heard that the clientele was “interesting,” that the place wasn’t particularly clean, that the food was lousy and expensive, to boot. Now […]

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Great Wolf Lodge or: Why I stopped complaining and finally went to the damned place

About a month after winter break, ¬†and eight weeks before spring break, Bini’s school district takes a “mid-winter” break. If it seems like the kids are out of school more than they’re in school, you’d be right. And don’t get me started on Evan’s school, which didn’t sync its weeklong mid-winter break with the local school district. Still, it is mid-winter and dreary here in the Pacific Northwest, so it […]

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