the swift kick

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Living in a rain cloud

My tiny little pill

It is January 23 in the Pacific Northwest. And I am happy. Traditionally, these two things did not go hand-in-hand for me. Seattle is, from November to April, quite chilly, damp and gray. It took a couple of winters to figure out that my February blues could be attributed to the lousy weather. I thought I was way too tough for Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was wrong. I bought a […]

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Why I’m a traitor to my hometown team

I grew up a 49er fan, from the San Francisco Bay Area. But on Sunday, Jan. 19, when the Niners squared off against the Seattle Seahawks for the NFC Championship, I wasn’t rooting for my hometown team. I was screaming for the Seahawks. This allegiance change has less to do with football and more to do with me accepting, at long last, that the Pacific Northwest is home. Over the […]

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Regarding the ‘Seattle Freeze’

Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend who’s moving to Austin in two weeks. She raved about the place (and the weather), the people (and the weather), the food (and the weather). I’ve been to Austin twice and loved it. I do remember the weather being relentlessly sunny, which is something I can only dream about nowadays. And I also remember the people being really friendly. My friend noticed that […]

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Every year, Seattle plays me for a sucker

That’s because every summer, I delude myself that maybe, maybe¬†our climate is changing. Warming. Like the rest of the planet. That maybe,¬†maybe the gorgeous, lazy, long summer days we enjoy from July to September will … extend a little later. Or start before July 4. You get sucked in, you see. For those precious, brief three months of summer, the entire region collectively develops amnesia. Everyone puts on shorts and […]

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