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The life of a housewife

A little sympathy, please

I’m always frantic. I see that quality in other people and it drives me nuts. I prefer easygoing people who take life’s speed bumps in stride, which is why I married my husband. But last week, I had a week that put all my other “I’m busy!” weeks to shame. And I would like a little freakin’ sympathy, please. So, I haven’t been sleeping well since August. I’m a chronic insomniac […]

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What to do with your highly contagious child

Last week, Thanksgiving week, Bini got sick. It started up on Tuesday, when he came home from school looking like he’s been up all night partying with Motley Crue. He fell into bed early and woke up sounding like he had consumption. We didn’t send him to school that day because we’re not completely evil, just somewhat (see No. 1). We didn’t think it was anything more than a standard-issue […]

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30 days of nice

In mid-October, I decided to do something nice, every day, for 30 days. It wasn’t exact. It wasn’t because of a Facebook initiative or a much-forwarded e-mail. I just made it up. Why? Paris, I guess. I was so tuned in to everything when I was there: the art, the architecture, the flowers in the gardens, the public spaces, the people. When I got back, that awareness carried over for […]

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Enough. Stuffed. Animals.

Every morning, Bini has a small anxiety attack about making his bed. We don’t expect hospital corners — we just want him to pull his comforter up and make it look neat. So we were puzzled when, every day, he’d start crying about how it was “too hard.” Today, it finally dawned on me. The kid has 28 stuffed animals on his twin loft bed. If I had to try […]

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Oh God. I’m becoming THAT mom.

I’m losing control over my son. And I don’t like it.  It all started with the homework. I was incensed — incensed, I tell you! — that my kindergartner had a homework calendar, with assignments every night. No, they’re not being asked to calculate the diameter of a circle. It’s stuff like: Think of five things that start with the letter “M.” Draw those things. Then label them. The teacher […]

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