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An incoherent post about Larry and Carri Williams

Yesterday, Larry and Carri Williams were sentenced for the death of their adoptive daughter, Hana. (I have trouble using the word “daughter” and “parents” in this case. These people were not parents. They were monsters.) I wanted to write a journalistic post about Hana and her younger brother, Immanuel, who were adopted from Ethiopia in 2008. I wanted to speak eloquently about international adoption and the need for better screening […]

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I think I’m going to cut my hair off.

…or maybe not. I can’t decide. Maybe the internet can help me? A brief history of my hair: I had long hair until I was 14. I got a very unfortunate haircut the day before freshman orientation, which was as tragic as you’d expect for a teenage girl. The hair grew. And I didn’t really cut it much after that, until my first marriage started to fall apart and I […]

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My son’s kindergarten bromance

Bini’s got a little kindergarten bromance going on with another kid in his class, a kid I’ll call Marco. To hear Bini tell it, Marco is the best football player in his class and the best runner in the whole school. All the boys like him, and all the girls have crushes on him. (Bini has learned what a crush is — “it’s more than like but not as much […]

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Facebook friends, defined

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably had some baffling run-ins with Facebook friends: Out-of-the-blue defriendings that feel as hostile as a slap, friend requests from people you don’t know, rants from a guy you barely knew in high school about the sanctity of the Second Amendment. So, how do you know if your Facebook “friends” are really friends? Here’s a useful guide, which is by no means comprehensive. High-school reunion […]

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