…or maybe not. I can’t decide. Maybe the internet can help me?

A brief history of my hair:

This is me (and Steve, and my friend Heather) at our rehearsal dinner. Look how cute I am!

I had long hair until I was 14. I got a very unfortunate haircut the day before freshman orientation, which was as tragic as you’d expect for a teenage girl. The hair grew. And I didn’t really cut it much after that, until my first marriage started to fall apart and I figured, what the hell? Let’s cut the hair off. It made me feel free and daring and so I kept it short for a long time. I got married with a pixie cut. I looked adorable. See?

I’ve had lots of variations on the short theme since then. My friend Karen once called me “the girl of a thousand haircuts.” And it’s true. My mom has had virtually the same hairdo for my entire life, so, you know. Figure it out, Freud.

So, anyway, I’m 43 and I think the cute pixie ship has sailed. But I think I want to cut my hair off. The long thing is annoying me.


  1. I went even shorter today – I wish I had the guts to go straight to pixie…I’d love that to be my easy to do hair cut for the next few years. Maybe after Christmas party season i will try and get up my guts….

  2. Cut it a little shorter, then a little more until you find the length you like. It’ll grow. And it’s winter so you can wear hats until it does if you don’t like it.

    Your pixie looked great on you, by the way.

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